Chris Bednar

Software Developer



Edge Energy

At my internship with Edge Energy, I took it upon myself to rebuild their WordPress template from scratch. Their site was unorganized, outdated and made it hard to find crucial information.

I made a modern template that was also mobile-friendly and user-friendly.

GMU Theta Tau

For a few semesters, I was the technology chair for my fraternity and took an initiative to redesign the website.


I run a fitness, health and lifestyle YouTube channel and this is the website associated with that channel.

I use it to share important information and to sell some digital products.

Lisa J Haskins

On the weekends, I work with a client that runs this website. I have helped her transform the success of her site through time by helping her improve this website.

I also help with her business in general by providing busines and marketing advice, managing her email list and editing videos.

Vegan Responses

I run a Facebook group where I post links to the latest vegan food news and it was becoming hard to keep up with.

I programmed Python scripts to constantly track RSS feeds and posts on Google News.

I coded a PHP page to display that data along with a button that allows me to post it.

County Finder

A friend of mine was spending a lot of her time with the question: "What counties surround X county?"

I found the data to answer this question and build a simple search tool to make answering this question easier and less time consuming.

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